THREE SIXTY Fitness Team


I’m the founder of Threesixtyfitness. I have been in the fitness industry for over 23 years and have enjoyed the journey and where it has taken me. I created Threesixtyfitness to bring everything I love together under one umbrella: fitness, well-being,fun, laughter and — above all — community.


I have always had a passion for exercise but lost my confidence after having children. Training to become a TRX trainer has given me that confidence back, and now I want to support and encourage the members who join us and make them part of our community. My classes are circuit and HIIT based, but I do lower the tempo for my beginners’ classes!


I’m a Premier Level 2 and 3 PT/ class instructor with 10 years experience. I have certifications in boxing 🥊 kettlebells, spin, Les Mills sprint and metafit. I love helping people to achieve great results in their fitness journey while always having fun and enjoying the process.


TRX yoga combines my 2 favourite modalities, suspension training and yoga Asanas (poses). With the best that nature has to offer, the beach. We use the concepts of support, and core activation from the TRX and work this into the best expression of each Asana, giving a beautifully supported and fuller expression.

Placing a majority emphasis of correct body position and alignment, a greater awareness is experienced through the practice, without loosing the values of both TRX and Yoga. Beneficial for both beginners and well practiced, you will leave with a greater understanding, and a body more healed and worked out.

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now, so join me on the beach to learn as much as we can share. Namaste.

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